Black Moon Lilith in Leo: January - October 2023

Black Moon Lilith in Leo: January - October 2023
Dec 2022


Black Moon Lilith will exit Cancer in the new year, moving to fire sign Leo in January. How does this impact us? [photo2] What is Black Moon Lilith? Firs

t, let's review what Black Moon Lilith is. It's the apogee, or highest point, of the Moon, or the farthest point away the Moon is from Earth in the Moon's orbit.

There are two positions for Black Moon Lilith, Mean and True/Oscillating. The movement of Lilith is really wonky, so the True/Oscillating is the exact position while the Mean is the averaged out position. You can assess both in the natal chart (thought True/Oscillating tends to have more weight for most of us).

Mean Lilith is much easier to follow for transits. The standard ephemeris on astro.com includes Mean Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith shows where we speak out, stand up, and hold firm. Lilith was Adam's first wife, and she stood up for herself to Adam in the Garden of Eden, even when it meant getting thrown out! Lilith knew her power and worth, being equal to Adam.

Transit Black Moon Lilith can bring this out in all of us in general with the sign it's touring and aspects it makes to the other planets (and personally in the natal house is tours for you and aspects it makes to your natal chart). [photo3] Black Moon Lilith in Leo 2023 Dates: enters January 8th 2023
exits October 3rd 2023 [photo4] Impact of Black Moon Lilith in Leo: Black Moon Lilith in Cancer has made us stand up and speak out with what we feel emotionally connected to, and have felt emotionally driven to. Cancer is more serious, and Leo wants to let loose a little and not be so caught up in emotions.

With Lilith in Leo, we can take a stand with what connects to our hearts and what we love. We may speak out loudly in Leo, and get a lot of attention for what we're saying and bringing focus toward.

With Leo ruling love, love itself may come under the microscope as well, and we can demand love that's pure and sweet. We may call out toxic love more, and focus on healthy expressions of love.

Leo rules celebs and influencers, so we may see more of them speaking out about different topics. Leo also rules our children, so we may see the young ones want to take a stand, or we may speak up for them.

Leo rules creativity, and Lilith in Leo can be a powerful time for creative expression. We may find that creative outlets work to express what we can't say so easily, and we may use creativity as a form of protest or a way of taking a stand.
[photo5] Aspects by Black Moon Lilith in Leo:
I've noticed that the most important aspects that transit Lilith makes are conjunctions, and Lilith will conjunct the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Leo.

The most important conjunction is to Venus, and this happens twice, first on June 28th and then on August 8th while Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backward). The first conjunction might be getting us ready for the second, which is the big one!

Venus is the planet of love, so the conjunction to Venus can bring out more love issues and focus on positive love expression. With Venus retrograde, this may expose toxic love, and something may come out (like a sex scandel, or accusations of abuse against someone prominent by their partners, feels like some sort of scandel with men behaving badly - what else is new, I know, I know, ha).

Venus is also a ruler of women, so we may see more women taking a stand around the world in some way, or women's issues being more prominent around this time. With retrogrades, we could see something rolling back or returning.

The first conjunction does come with Lilith conjunct Mars on June 21st, so there's a lot of energy and drive funneling into this. Mars helps us take the initiative for what we want to speak up about.

Then Lilith conjuncts Mercury on July 23rd, and with Mercury ruling communication, we can be super vocal. We're speaking up, and speaking loud!

Lilith conjuncts the Sun on August 17th, and the Sun shines a light, so Lilith conjunct the Sun can bring attention to issues we need to work on and what we're taking a stand with. This can feel like validation for what we're working on. Final Notes: The last time Black Moon Lilith was in Leo was March to November 2014, so you can look back to that time to get an idea of the impact now for you. What were you focused on standing up with and speaking out with back then?

Special note if you have natal Black Moon Lilith in Leo: You will experience your Black Moon Lilith Return, which occurs when transit Black Moon Lilith conjuncts your natal Black Moon Lilith. There can be lessons that open you up more to speaking out and standing up, and you can become more aware of what you've been held back with and need to fight against. This can be a good time to get in tune with your inner Lilith.

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