Progressions & Black Moon Lilith

Progressions & Black Moon Lilith
Jul 2022


As you move further along in your astrology studies, you may come to progressions and Black Moon Lilith. I adore Lilith, and progressions add another layer to your analysis. So h

ow can progressions impact Black Moon Lilith for you? What are progressions? The progressed chart adds one day to your date of birth for every year you've been alive to create a new chart reflective of your maturation and growth. This chart can be used in predictive analysis and show developments in your life, and can be used along with transits. What is Black Moon Lilith? Black Moon Lilith is the apogee of the Moon, and in astrology, can link to a few things, but the main energy is an inner power within us all to stand up for what we believe in and what we feel is right. Lilith is a powerful position, though it can come with some opposition sometimes.

Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden and refused to submit to him, and was cast out, hence the opposition that can be associated with this position. Progressed Black Moon Lilith in Astrology Your progressed Black Moon Lilith can show where and how you're using this energy now. If progressed Lilith changes Zodiac signs, this can show how you assert your positions can shift, and you can learn new ways of doing so.

If progressed Lilith changes natal or progressed houses, this can show where you assert your positions can shift, and you can take up new causes and passions.

When your progressed Black Moon Lilith ia anaretic, you can feel a huge push to take a stand, defend yourself or others, and can be extra passionate about what you believe. You may need to channel this energy productively, otherwise you may lash out quite a bit. No matter what, you may experience a lot more opposition than usual.

When your progressed Black Moon Lilith aspects any of your natal or progressed planets, your passionate energy can focus on whatever that planet rules, and it can be used in a beneficial way with sextiles and trines, and it can come with extra challenges with squares and oppositions. With conjunctions, you can feel a huge surge to take a stand, and may need to undergo some sort of transformation with the planet involved. Progressed Planets to Natal Black Moon Lilith Your progressed planets can also aspect your natal Black Moon Lilith, and this can stimulate your natal Lilith energy in a big way. With sextiles and trines, you can benefit from your passion and intensity. With squares and oppositions, you may be challenged by others, have to work through blocks, or make transformations.

Conjunctions by the progressed planets can be strong, and this can trigger major Lilith energy. There is only 1 progressed planet that will definitely conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith at least once in your life as long as you live to at least your mid-20's, and that's the progressed Moon. Depending on the placements of the other planets when you were born in relation to Black Moon Lilith, they may not conjunct your natal Lilith, but the progressed Moon will since it moves the fastest and tours all of the Zodiac signs in 28 years or less. Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: The Moon is your emotions, so when your progressed Moon conjuncts your natal Black Moon Lilith, this can bring an emotional connection to your natal Lilith. You can really connect with standing up for yourself, feel emotionally driven to take a stand, and when you speak your positions, you really mean it. What you believe in is emotionally charged. And you may find yourself in positions where you have to defend yourself, have to take a stand, have to speak up.

This can be the case with any of the planets conjuncting your natal Lilith. When it's the progressed Moon, this may be an emotional experience, and it may feel a bit unsettling emotionally. But there's likely something you need to learn from the experience, and it can help you find more emotional security and confidence.

You can emotionally identify with your Lilith, and finding your worth can be super important. Lilith knew her worth, and your need to know yours.

There may be something emotionally that you have to transform in some way, or even eliminate from your life. This can be upsetting, but ultimately what needs to happen. Make sure you're taking a thoughtful approach, and not letting yourself get caught up in the emotions, otherwise you may be prone to being rash.

Since the Moon rules the mother, and I find Black Moon Lilith can tie to difficult mothers, if you have a challenging relationship with your mother or a mother figure, that might get amplified. Some part of it may even feel like it reaches a boiling point or breaking point. Try to find some objectivity as you deal with it, since that can be lacking.

This aspect is usually in effect for 2-3 months. Progressed Sun Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: Moving on, we'll focus on the progressed Sun conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith. The Sun is your true self, who you are with those who know you best, so your progressed Sun is the one who most reflects how you change as a person. When conjunct your natal Lilith, you may identify very, very strongly with your natal Lilith energy. You may almost embody Lilith in some way, even physically. You may feel like you absolutely must be Lilith, otherwise you're denying who you are.

This strong identification of Lilith can help you connect with the important energy of Lilith, and if you need to learn how to stand up, speak out, and find your worth, that can become a priority and may seem easier to do. At the same time, you may also encounter more of the opposition in your life as you gain these traits, like Lilith did. This points out to you the people who are most insecure and threatened by you, and you can slide them out of your life as best as you can or find some other more constructive ways of dealing with them.

Lilith was cast out of the Garden of Eden, so there may be a situation where you feel you're cast out, even literally kicked out from something or somewhere. Or you may focus on some situation or place where you're not normally welcome, and try to break it down to let you in. Think about structural barriers you can help dismantle.

Lilith has other effects, and these may all feature prominently for you, so you may explore your psychosexual nature, create or renew your connection to nature and natural elements, or discover your inner witch.

This aspect is in effect for about 2-3 years. Progressed Mercury Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: Now on to your progressed Mercury conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith. Mercury rules the mind and communication, so this greatly amplifies the speaking out and taking a stand part of Lilith. It can be a lot easier for you to say something, to say what needs to be said, to say what no one wants to hear but has to. Your words can carry a lot more power, but they can also get you in a lot more trouble.

Lilith experienced opposition by Adam for speaking her mind, so this can be a cost of speaking up for you. Now, it's a cost you're likely willing to pay as you believe very strongly in what you're saying. Of course, do make sure you're being logical and clear. There are a lot of people who believe strongly in what they say, but they're saying stupidity, so don't be one of them!

You may focus more on subjects that relate to or impact what you feel is unjust or discriminatory. You can be excellent at debate, and give passionate speeches, even just to 1 or 2 people. And you can be willing to argue until they see your point of view, no matter how long that takes.

Mercury rules learning, so you may spend time making yourself more knowledgeable about your positions, and you can share your knowledge with others. Mercury also rules young people, so you may focus on imparting the knowledge to those younger than you, or you may focus on issues that young people are particularly concerned about, so things like climate change or gun violence.

Since Mercury is dual in nature, you may also find you have TWO focuses that you're passionate about defending and speaking up about. That can be too much for some, but works out well for the mentally-energized Mercury.

I also wanted to do one little note about if your progressed Mercury is retrograde when it conjuncts your natal Black Moon Lilith. This can show that there is an element of fate, destiny, or karma with whatever you get involved with. You are meant to focus on this, you are meant to speak up and not stay silent. There can be way more opposition, yet you can also be way more influential. But again, keep in mind logic and stay rational.

This aspect can be in effect for about 2-3 years. Progressed Venus Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: Moving on to your progressed Venus conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith. This one brings in relationships and the people in your life since that's what Venus rules, and you may find you're speaking up a lot more with those you're in a relationship with. Your friends, co-workers, fellow volunteers, family, romantic partners, and on and on. You can be a lot more passionate about your positions with them, and you may demand more justice and equality, both in your own relationships and for everyone. You may find that justice and equality are what get you going most.

Since Venus rules relationships, we must remember that Lilith was the first wife of Adam, and got kicked out of Eden for not obeying him. So, keep a watchful eye for people in your life who want you to obey them. You may be more apt to stand up to them, and they may be more apt to punish you for it. That's not the equitable relationship you want though, so you're more willing to walk away.

On the flip side, Venus can rule what we attract instead of us ourselves, so you may find that you end up attracting a lot of Lilith people into your life. It may seem like every person you encounter has something to say about something important, and is taking a stand on different matters. You can find this attractive, and may want to spend more time around them.

Venus also rules your self-esteem and self-worth, so while conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith, you may need to focus more on finding value in yourself. You may become more aware of your insecurities and where they come from. You need to work on giving yourself the respect you give others.

Since I touched on if Mercury is retrograde conjunct your natal Lilith, I'll also touch on if Venus is retrograde when conjunct your natal Lilith. Like with Mercury, this adds a touch of fate, destiny, or karma, with you either standing up for the matters of equality and justice that you're passionate about, and/or with the Lilith-like people you encounter in your life.

This aspect can be in effect for about 2-3 years. Progressed Mars Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: Then for progressed Mars conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith, so Mars is energy and drive. This means when it's conjunct Lilith, you have extra energy and drive with Lilith. You have extra energy and drive to speak up and take a stand. You can be more assertive about it, louder about it, and more forthright about it. You can be enthusiastic about your positions, and you can passionately fight for them. Mars is the warrior, so this is a bit of a warrior aspect.

Speaking up and taking a stand can help drive you in other areas as well, and you may find that the more you speak up, the more you take a stand, the more you want to do more. This can be an active period for activism, or even simply self-defense, because of that.

As you do this, you can also gain more confidence and belief in yourself. Seeing your self-esteem increase can come more easily.

Since Mars also connects to your sex drive, there can be greater focus on your sexuality, and you may become more sexually independent. Lilith refused to submit to Adam, so you may refuse to be forced into anything, to be anything, solely for the sake of others, and may examine ways in the past you felt like you were forced and how you can fight that now.

When your progressed Mars is retrograde conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith, this can bring that fated, destined, karmic energy to what you're driven to fight for and what you channel your warrior energy into.

This aspect can last for about 4-5 years. Progressed Ceres Conjunct Natal Black Moon Lilith: Then we have progressed Ceres, and Ceres is a dwarf planet that rules nourishment. With your progressed Ceres conjunct Black Moon Lilith, you may speak up or take a stand for nourishment, nurturing, and support. You can fight for better treatment of others and yourself, to have more of what you need, and provide better security. When you see insecurity and resources denied, you can get riled up and work to correct that.

How you stand up may be a little more muted, a little more measured, with Ceres. Instead of being super loud, you may find a way to get your point across quietly, or even by doing something that seems unrelated but leads to the exact outcome you want.

Ceres also connects to the mother since Ceres is a mother who is denied her child for half the year in mythology, so there can be extra focus on a challenging relationship with a mother or mother figure, especially one who was largely absent, neglectful, or inconsistent.

If your progressed Ceres is retrograde when conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith, once again, this can bring fated, destined, karmic energy into the mix.

This aspect can last for about 5-7 years.

As for progressed Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron, these are the slow-moving planets, and they don't move too much from their position in the natal chart. If they conjunct your natal Black Moon Lilith in progression, that usually means they're already conjunct your Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart and it's just coming to exact. The time right when it's exact is usually when it's going to be extra strong, and you can feel it most. It can prompt you to speak up and take a stand in some way, to find more self-worth, and to discover inner power. This can be expansive with Jupiter, may come with lessons to learn with Saturn, spark sudden developments and unexpected change with Uranus, connect to your spiritual development or karmic baggage with Neptune, trigger a transformation with Pluto, or prompt healing with Chiron.

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